Amateur Hour is the personal story of one man who is attempting to create a richer and more fulfilling life through frugality and conscious spending. The idea behind this is that if I am more conscious of what I really value and care about in this world, my spending should reflect that. This allows me to escape the mindless consumerism that is considered "normal" in our society, saving me money and time, reiterates the old adage that experiences matter more than things, and hopefully, lead to an early retirement once my investments match my expenses.

Throughout, I aim to balance the desire to be frugal with money while maintaining and building a strong social network and being able to enjoy the benefits that our community offers. Additionally, as I work in sales, my career requires some degree of material upkeep. My journey here is an attempt to balance the social requirements of a normal working life with a personal philosophy of frugality, minimalism and consciousness.